Hello we are a for profit, educational institution that is aimed at providing ancillary education to achieve holistic development to children and young adults to reach their full potential. We base our research in our scriptures to provide a complete well being and care for the Mind, Body and Soul. 


We have done extensive consultation and research on this topic, by combining the goodeness of the western method of identification of strengths and amalgamating it with the easter principles and values and the age old knowledge we are able to address the Intellectual, Spiritual, Physiological & Physiological aspects of a child.  


The system is areligious that means we do not use religion and remain completely secular, we encourage all aspects of spirituality with Guru's who have spent their life time in those subjects.  


We combine the best of western principles and the age old Indian traditional knowledge to create a unique methodology of understanding the holistic strengths of children and young adults to address their needs to enable them achieve their full potential. 


Every child needs intellectual simulation, a body that enables to take the rigour, a mind that is razor sharp and overall well being that will help manage the stress of the modern world. We have put together an approach that is referred in some of our ancient texts, Swadharma is an age old principle of finding ones duties, we apply similar technique by bringing in Ayurveda, Yoga, Spiritual simulation and Astrology. 


We have an advisory board that compromises of stellar individuals from different walks of life (check the advisory board page for further details), For further information, please reach out to one of our counsellors. 

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